Every winter, the Crate and Crowbar Discord Community determines the year's best videogames.
The results of this rigorous process are provided, free to all, as a public service.

2023 Game of the Year

The vote for 2023's Games of the Year is over! Click here to see the final results! If you want to join in the GOTY discussion with the rest of the community, visit the #game-of-the-year-2023 channel in the C&C Discord server.

Previous Years' Results

Voting Information

What are the requirements to cast a vote? You need to be a member of the Crate and Crowbar Community Discord server, and you'll need to log into this website with your Discord account.
Do I have to vote for games released in 2023? Nope! As long as you played the game in 2023, feel free to vote for it. Everyone discovers wonderful games at different times.
Do I have to vote for PC games? No. While the C&C is mainly a PC gaming podcast, many of us play console games. If a console game was your Game of the Year, who am I to say you can't vote for it?
Do I have to select games that appear in the autocomplete? No. The autocomplete is just for convenience. I'll be checking all the entries manually to make sure the votes are counted correctly and if I'm not sure what you meant, I'll ask you. Once your vote has been assigned to a canonical title, an icon will appear next to it on the voting page that you can mouse over to see how it's been interpreted.
Are my votes in any particular order? Your Game of the Year vote is counted separately from the Runner Up votes, but the Runner Up votes are all equal.
What's this Share on Discord button? It gives you the option of having the GOTY Bot announce your votes in the #game-of-the-year-2023 channel. You don't need to share your votes to have them recorded, it's just an option if you want to tell people what you voted for.
How will the results be calculated? The Game of the Year will be awarded to the ten games that get the most Game of the Year votes, with ties broken by number of runner-up votes. The Runner-Up awards will go to the ten games with the highest total Game of the Year + Runner Up votes which weren't selected as GOTYs. Both lists will be ordered #1 to #10. Finally, the remaining games that receive more than one vote will be awarded an Honourable Mention, and games that received just one vote will receive Special Consideration.